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There is no free education, says Kibra MP

Tus Ajemi


Kibra MP Ken Okoth has criticised the government for allegedly lying to the masses that there would be free education in all public schools in the country.

Okoth said that the government had cheated the masses through unrealistic manifesto promises in the 2017 presidential campaigns and that the Kenyan parent was still paying fees in government schools.

Taking to social media, Okoth said that more than half of the parents were being forced by schools to pay large sums of money to secure their children's education.

"The promise of Free Education remains empty. 60 percent of Kenyan parents paying over Ksh30,000 for term one in government schools," Okoth said.

Questions have been asked over the government's promise of free schooling after a number of national and other key regional schools insisted they must receive money before the children are admitted.

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