Simeon Nyachae is one of the most popular and outspoken politicians in Kisii. You cannot talk about Kisii and Kenyan politics without mentioning the name Nyachae. The former Minister has a lot of wealth that many of us will die without achieving. His success is not only attributed to his entry in the country’s political arena but also his earlier exposure to western education.

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Nyachae studied public administration in London, United Kingdom. The ex-minister has made wealth through different avenues. He began a small bakery and used his Sansora holdings to add millions behind his name. If you thought bakery business does not pay, then you are very wrong.

The politician is also said to have invested in agriculture, real estate, Banking, Industry, transport, and telecommunications. To increase his wealth, he opted to join the ranching business. 

Sources indicate that Nyachae has a ranch in Australia. Wealth creation requires someone who does not leave any stone unturned. This statement is clearly reflected when Nyachae decided to start a Tea farm in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

It is estimated that Nyachae owns more than Sh115 billion in terms of liquid money and other assets.