Many communities in Kenya differ in beliefs, rituals and how they conduct their burial ceremonies.

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Luo community has the weirdest rituals, that is sleeping with the dead body which is the craziest and tormenting to any individual.

Among the Kalenjin community, they have some strict rules and regulations to be considered before burying the dead.

Here are the three weird rituals that Kalenjins follow before burying the dead:

Unmarried individuals

The unmarried individuals reffered to as Kipsongoyat in case they die, their bodies remain in the mortuary until the day of burial. The Kalenjin community never allowed their bodies to sleep in their houses because they felt there was nothing to remember them about. Specifically, only a young bull was slaughtered to feast during the burial.

Those who hanged themselves. 

Those who hanged were taken very seriously because it was a sign of bad omen to the other generation. Their bodies would be buried directly without the night vigil at home. It was brought on burial day only. Those who were in attendance wore a melancholic state because they felt they had  Left the world without offsprings. A number of chosen elders had to cleanse the scene to avoid further curses and to please the ancestors.


Infants are minors and whenever death strikes, they are buried on the same day. A short and conducive ceremony is held because the infant had minimal things to talk about.

Though with the invasion of Christianity, burying of infants the same day they died is still common unlike burying the unmarried and those who hang themselves.

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