Just like with a smelly breath, you might not be the first one to notice it when your loins start emitting the fish like scent. Chances are that your partner might not have the courage to face you about it either. The groin, being humid and tucked beneath several layers of clothes, holds a lot of bacteria whose activities release a mix of unpleasant smells. Here are the ways of keeping your groin odour free:

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Be thorough in washing

You need to wash your groin like you really mean it. Be keen and scrub at every fold and cleft on your nethers. Dr. Tobias Kohler, a urologist at Southern Illinois University, advices on cleaning the area stressing on being attentive to detail and using an antibacterial soap.

“Don’t just wipe some soap on the area, use some pressure and get into all the crevices,” he offers. 

Dry completely 

Sweat and moisture combine with the natural bacteria on the skin to cause body odour. The dampness also makes a hospitable environment for the bacteria which can cause other infections such as yeast infections. Dr. Kelley Redbord, a dermatologist at George Washington University, recommends fully drying out before dressing especially during the hot weather. “Consider using a blow dryer to get the area completely dry,” she says.

Shave around the groin

The hairs around the groin trap dampness and make it hard to clean resulting in the generation of unpleasant odours. Dr. Redbord suggests keeping the pubic hair short if it is not possible to shave it bare. This can help to keep gross odours at bay.

Choose an appropriate underwear

Health specialists recommend the use of cotton underwear due to its ability to keep out moisture as it is highly breathable. This keeps the groin area dry and hygienic while keeping the region stink-free.

Finally, you can grab a deodorant and keep fresh.