Police officers are among the most stressed employees in Kenya. [Photo/mpasho.com]

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Stress is increasingly becoming common in the workplace. A recent survey has revealed the top most stressful jobs in Kenya, in 2017. 

In compiling this survey, various factors were considered. Those factors include physical demands, travel, hazards, the possibility of death, deadlines, competition and others. Growth potential and income also came into play, and jobs were scored accordingly.

1. Pilots

Believe it or not, pilots are 2017's most stressed employees in Kenya. This is attributed to an increasing threat of terrorism as well as the responsibility of being responsible for many lives. Travelling through high altitudes also contributes to adding to the stress levels of pilots.

2. Police officers

Being a police officer in Kenya is a difficult job. Odd hours, poor living conditions, poor pay, distrust from citizens, dealing with gory crime scenes. This is just the tip of what a police officer in Kenya has to deal with.

3. Military personnel

Being at the forefront in dangerous situations adds to the stress levels of military personnel. Their families too make for some of the people with the highest stress levels. 

4. Teachers

Unbelievable as it may sound, teachers are quite stressed. First of all, teachers are never going to get rich teaching. Second, most teachers work well over the normal working hours. Teachers also have the crucial responsibility to shape the minds of young people and properly prepare them for life. Failing to do so endangers the future – for both the students and society in general. And finally, there’s the stress of dealing with most students every day. That’s normally enough stress right there to last a lifetime.

5. Journalists

Journalists are usually in the thick of things, to bring you the latest updates on happenings around the country. They work long and odd hours. They have unrealistic deadlines to beat and are not always assured of their next story. This uncertainty, coupled with the other factors, makes journalists a much-stressed lot. Also, the chances of striking it rich as a journalist are quite low. Many of them live paycheck to paycheck.