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Transport paralyzed one day after the Maraga ruling

Stephen Mwaniki

Transline travelers company's buses parked in Kisii town after roads connecting to other Nyanza regions declared unsafe.

[Photo/Stephen Mwaniki]

Transport in Kisii regions has been paralyzed one day after the election petition ruling flavored President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Roads connecting Kisii and others Nyanza regions were paralyzed as NASA supporters lit bonfires to express their anger against the Supreme Court.

Kisii town is known to be the central town connecting areas like Kisumu, Bondo, Isebania, Siaya and the Tanzania border, Sirare.

Transline travelers company, that is best known to operate in these routes withheld all its bookings due to the tension in these areas.

"I was to travel to Kisumu for my medical check-up but I have no means to use. The available means have hiked their fare prices," a commuter in Kisii town bus stage said.

The roads are yet to be confirmed safe for traveling as the situation remains unknown.

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