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Two people admitted in hospital with suspected signs of Cholera in Yatta

Mutio Mumo
Cholea. [Photo/Nation]

Panic has gripped Yatta Sub County in Machakos County and its environs after two people were admitted at Matuu Level Four Hospital with suspected signs of Cholera on Tuesday.

The victims from Ndalani and Kavisuni were reportedly rushed to the hospital when they started vomiting and diarrhoearing.

An officer incharge of health and sanitation at the facility said blood and stool samples from the patients had been taken to Nairobi for examination.

The Machakos Level Five Hospital's chief officer, Jackson Nthanga, said they couldnot confirm the duo is suffering from Cholera unless they receive results of the samples which had been taken to Nairobi for testing.

"Doctors are suspecting that it's Cholera but we can't make that assumption until we have the results," Nthanga said.

He said a response team also took water samples from a river in Ndalani village to National health lab for analysis.

Nthanga spoke to this writer on the phone on Wednesday.

He noted that water borne diseases are expected moreso this rainy season and urged residents to ensure they boil water before drinking and mantain hygiene.

"Due to flooding, it's possible for water sources to be contaminated during this rainy season. Residents should ensure that high standards of hygiene are maintained," Nthanga said.

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