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Unclaimed bodies causing congestion at Nakuru PGH mortuary

Pristone Mambili
Nakuru Level 5 hospital Superintendent Dr Joseph Mburu at a past interview in his office. [Photo/Pristone Mambili]

Nakuru’s Level 5 hospital superintendent Joseph Mburu has appealed to residents to help resolve the puzzle of unclaimed bodies at the facility’s mortuary.

Speaking in his office on Wednesday, Dr Mburu said the facility mortuary has a capacity of 76 bodies.

According to Dr.Mburu, the facility at the moment has 36 unclaimed bodies.

“We have court orders to ensure disposal after the 21 days lapse but we are appealing to the public to ensure that they help us in claiming the bodies of their loved ones since the facility mortuary can only hold 76 bodies,” he said.

On the recent complaints from the public concerning idlers at the facility, the superintendent said the management will talk to relevant bodies to investigate the matter.

There have been cases of con persons at the mortuary as well as the casualty wing with some interfering with the operations.

“The matter of idlers is with us and we shall talk to the relevant bodies to see to it that there are investigations,” he said.

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