Garissa town and its environs will continue enduring water shortage problems but water executive Mukhtar Bulale promises it will be restored.

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Bulale has urged the residents to be patient as the problem is being addressed and should be resolved within 10 days.

The water shortage is due to what Bulale said were water pipes that were damaged by heavy rains and the over-flow of River Tana. He assured that repair works have already began to restore supply.

Water rationing to residential houses and business premises has been ongoing for a week.

The water issue has been a great challenge in the area as earlier in the year, residents of Bulla Muzuri had organised protests due to lack of water in the settlement. They accused the Garissa Water and Sewerage Company (GAWASCO) for not addressing their problem.

Water shortage allegedly saw a dispensary in the areastop functioning forcing patients to get water for their use.

Ecotech Water and Environmental Engineering had also carried out a rapid assessment study to come up with solutions to enable meaningful design of performance and improvement initiatives.

It also focused on enhancement of water distribution network, water production infrastructure and system management.

In April 2014, the Economic and Social Rights Centre (Hakijamii) organised an intensive meeting that brought to the table county governments officials, community members and various stakeholders in the water sector to discuss water and sanitation challenges and difficulties in Garissa County.

The meeting highlighted the most pressing issues and challenges in accessing water and sanitation services, with duty bearers promising to address them progressively.

In dealing with unreliable supplies occasioned by irregular power outages, the county government budgeted for a giant generator to enable uninterrupted supply of water by GAWASCO due to rampant power blackouts.