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What Jacinta Adhiambo plans to insert in her private parts next

Anderson Morani
Jacinta Adhiambo who inserted a fish in her private parts. [Photo/]

Nairobi-based porn actress Jacinta Adhiambo has sparked online outrage after posting a video of her inserting fish inside her private parts.

Jacinta who is not apologetic over her actions says that she owes no one an apology and she regrets nothing because she is exploring her life.

She said that she will be releasing another video soon, this time with a snake.

After releasing the video with a fish, Jacinta said that it was amazing having sex with a fish adding that the experience was "more than amazing".

Jacinta earns a living by selling randy videos and photos online and she has never shied off from controversy ranging from inserting bananas in her private parts and many other things.

This is her response after people protested and demanded action to be taken against her.

Jacinta Adhiambo's response. [Photo/]

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