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What Kenyan MPs told the world about Raila's withdrawal

Okoyu Paul

A group of Kenyan MPs attending a global conference of parliamentarians in Brussels, Belgium, have assured that there is no constitutional crisis in the country.

This follows the withdrawal of NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga from the repeat presidential race slated for October 26.

Their statement was read by Kigumo MP Ruth Mwaniki during the meeting attended by MPs from Africa, Pacific and Caribbean countries and the European Union.

They assured that there is nothing to worry about.

 “We have, however, over the years built a great resilience in our governance institutions and strong democratic tradition. Even as we enjoy our political freedom, all our institutions, including Parliament, the Judiciary, the National Executive and its Administration apparatus are well in place and operational,” said Ms Mwaniki.

 “We remain optimistic that we will, sooner than later, democratically and constitutionally sort out the remaining political aspects,” she added.

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