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What the color of your period blood says about your health

Ivy Shilako
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Menstruation can help you gauge your health status [Photo/]

Period blood can be used to gauge a woman’s health status. Its color change indicates the state of your body as a woman. After keen observation, you can seek professional medical care.


A pinkish color is a suggestion that you might have low estrogen levels. If you happen to have extremely low levels of estrogen and you fail to seek medication, you are likely to have osteoporosis. Light periods call for a date with your doctor. Some of the known causes of reduced estrogen is excess exercise, pre-menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and poor nutrition.

Dark brown

This is a normal color that should not send you into panic mode. It appears at the beginning or end of your periods. The browning is caused by oxidized older blood and uterine wall pieces leave your body. The oxidation can sometimes make it appear black.

Mixed gray and red

This is a warning sign. It is recommended that you seek medical attention especially if these colors are accompanied by a bad smell. Do not make assumptions about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or anything. Go for professional checkup.

Thick red with clots

Heavy periods full of large clots are a suggestion that you might be having fibroids. Let your doctor check you. However, smaller clots are normal. Additionally, the big blood clots can indicate a potential hormonal imbalance. You are advised to regulate dairy intake and see if there will be any changes.

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