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What you need to know before getting a genital piercing

Ivy Shilako
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If you are planning to pierce your honeypot or penis, there are several facts you need to consider before doing so. Genital piercing is common among women but men too can have piercings on their manhood. There different types of piercings that a man can have on his penis.

There is the Jacob’s Ladder, which leads to several or a single piercing on the lower part of your shaft. Alternatively, the Prince Albert piercing is done by piercing an area near your penis head. For women, most prefer clitoral hood piercings.

The following are the effects of this type of body modification:

1. It affects sex

Piercing your clitoris or shaft will affect how you engage in sex. For women, your man will have to be careful not to cause injuries during the act. If you love it rough, this might slow things down. On the other hand, as a man, you will have to learn how to use your modified tool due to the new jewelry. Never rush for this cosmetic beauty before considering how it will alter your sex life.

2. Takes 6-8 weeks to heal

Healing after the process takes six to eight weeks. During this time, it is important to mantain a high level of hygiene as the wound needs to be cleaned. For men, especially if you choose the Prince Albert piercing you may be required to pee while sitting, to avoid the pee coming out of the bottom hole.

3. Increases chances of contracting STIs

The chances of getting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) may slightly increase for men. Since you now have an open wound, this makes it easier to transfer fluids to your partner. You will have to learn to put on a condom in a different way due to the jewelry.

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