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Whatsapp admins beware

Chris Ayuoyi
Whatsapp is one of several platforms being monitored ahead of the August elections [Photo/BrandsMagazine]

NCIC chairman Francis Kaparo has issued a stern warning to Whatsapp administrators saying they will be held accountable for inciting violence ahead of the campaigns in August.

He stated that the commission is closely monitoring social media groups with ill motives ahead of the August 8 elections.

"Tell administrators of WhatsApp groups fanning hate speech we are coming for them," he said as reported by The Star.

He affirmed that the government has already noted 21 Whatsapp groups that responsible for incitement and using hate speech.

Kaporo also confirmed that the commission has teamed up with the law enforcement to handle the issue and asked politicians to embrace tolerance.

Following Deputy President William Ruto's and NASA leader Raila Odinga's heckling during their campaign trips last week, he acknowledged the fact that Kenyan citizens must be heard despite the political beliefs.

"Kenyans should accept the fact that everyone must be heard...every candidate has a following," he stated.

The NCIC chairman encourage leaders to refrain against speech that could incite violence.

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