Motorists along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway in Naivasha. [photo: Treasures]

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There was a time driving along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway via Naivasha was a nerve-wrenching experience.

Police had even warned owners of certain brands of car against trying their wheels along the route.

Police said that there was a man commanding a car jacking squad that would abduct and dismantle high end vehicles at a lightening speed.

Interestingly, despite police having leads onto who the man and his gang was, they never attempted to go after him.

This led to all manner of theories being the steady diet to residents.

All manner of stories were thrown around on how the man would rob motorists at gun point, drive away the Sport Utility Vehicles to his underground bunkers and furiously dismantle them.

He would then load the parts into a truck and drive into the black market.

The squad leader was so feared that one day he just popped into a bank, made withdrawals worth millions and got out Rambo style clutching the bundles in his hands.

This was during a time when ordinary citizens could not safely bank even Sh10, 000 as robbers would sniff it from far away.

When the man died, all roads in Naivasha sighed ion relief!