In the heart of Rift Valley lies a beautiful and scenic town.

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The fourth largest town in Kenya as well as the fourth largest county in our country.

A cosmopolitan for all, a home of peace to both human beings and wildlife.

Nakuru is simply the place to be.

The town which is famous for its beautiful flamingoes and being home to Menengai Crater is a place that anyone would desire to live in.

Here are five reasons that make Nakuru the best place to be in Kenya;


Just like most urban centres in Kenya, Nakuru is densely populated. However, the standards of cleanliness are much better compared to other areas.

Warm climate

The climate of Nakuru is superb for everyone both during the day and night. Even in the coldest months of the year, you will still enjoy being in Nakuru since the cold does not get to extremes.


Nakuru town is generally safe and you can walk around without fear of being mugged. The streets are clear from hawkers and matatus thus no congestion in CBD.

Affordable standards of living

Any hustler can survive in Nakuru thanks to the affordable standards of living in this town. Rent is affordable and food products are also very cheap since Nakuru has a rich agricultural neighbourhood.


On weekends, there are lots of places you can hang out with friends ranging from classic clubs, restaurants, resorts and three-star hotels.

If you love nature, Nakuru has a lot of it to offer. Lake Nakuru National Park, Menengai Crater, Hyrax Hill and Lord Egerton Castle are just some of the places you may consider visiting for recreation.