Retired President Daniel Moi.  Photo/

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Anyone who walks or drives past Uhuru Park passes by the largest single monument left behind by retired President Moi. It might be in a sorry state today, but it speaks volumes about the vision Moi had for a young Kenya back in 1970s and 80s.

The monument has his Ivory ‘fimbo’ jutting out of a mountain which I presume is Mt. Kenya. I believe the mountain and ‘fimbo’ symbolizes Moi’s wish for Kenya to rise to the top during his reign.  

The said monument also has four other images on its four sides.

The first is a Cockerel, the symbol of KANU. The cockerel has an imposing pose with its chest and head held high. KANU was the party that led the country before, during and after independence.

The second image depicts an image to commemorate Moi’s 10 year rule at that time. It has some wheat stems, some sugar cane and what I believe is the Olympic torch.

The third is a symbol showing the various communications and technological advancements during that time. One cannot fail to see the resemblance of this image and the emblem for the old KBC.

The fourth and final image, is that of a family of four: two parents and two children. I believe this image symbolizes Moi’s love for the family set up.

You can see, by this imposing monument that Moi meant business. He had a plan. He wanted the nation to prosper. He wanted us to rise to the top in terms of technology, athletics, farming and in raising families.

Nowadays whenever Moi is mentioned, we are quick to point out that he was a dictator similar to Gaddafi or Saddam.

But none of us remember that during his reign, there was plenty of political stability. He led with an iron fist. He was a former school teacher who knew how to deal with indiscipline. Rogue cabinet ministers would be fired whenever Moi thought about it. Sometimes even during an impromptu rally on the side of the road.

We also got free milk in primary school and the ASK show was a feat that knew no rival. Saying that you were going to the Nairobi Show in October, meant that you were the coolest kid in your neighborhood.

In conclusion, and the point I am trying to convey…is that the current political uncertainty can make one wish that the former President was still in power. He would have slapped some sense into the buffoonery that is going on right now.