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Are you a side chick? Many women don’t even care being side chicks. Most of them know they are side chicks but still agree being in such unhealthy relationships for reasons well known to them. Women have always been known to be possessive, however, this is no longer a big deal with our “new generation women.” Here are my top reasons on why ladies become and agree to be side chicks:

HopeSometime people are misled in life by false hope. Some women will be your side chick with hope and believe that one day they will completely win you over. Even if you are in a serious relationship or even married, they will still have hope of being your official woman.

Just to show it offEvery woman wants to belong in a certain group. All your friends are in relationships, tells you stories about their partners and all the gossips women make. This makes a woman to look for just any man to be in a relationship too. Even if this guy is in a serious relationship, such women will never care but instead agree to date them to be in a relationship.

Fear of lonelinessNo woman ever likes the feeling of being lonely. Many of them will do anything so they would not feel lonely. Such feelings make women desperate and out of their senses that they agree to date anyone, even agree to be a fourth wife to someone for the sake of escaping the loneliness.

Too much obsessionIt is true women have true love. A man could love you for many reasons but when a woman loves, she does love for real. When a woman loves you, she will do anything to prove her love for you. More so, she will even agree to be a side chick even if you already have a woman in your life.

For financial gainsDo you support your woman financially? Yes, most men do. However, you should always be careful with women who love money. Some women will love and worship you because of your money. Such women will never be bothered with the idea of being a side chick provided you continue supporting them.