Women require special care while pregnant.  According to experts, women are advised against lying on their backs because the growing uterus in the womb is likely to compress the large veins running from your spin to the legs and heart. The disruption in the flow of blood will lead to different issues including shortness of breath, faster heart rate, and dizziness among others.  To avoid these issues, women should embrace other sleeping positions before they deliver. 

 Comfort is among the aspects women need to take into account when sleeping while pregnant.  There is no problem for a woman to sleep while facing down. However, she needs to ensure that she is comfortable in whichever position is sleeping. 

A woman can sleep while facing down the whole night as long as she is comfortable. In the event of any form of discomfort, then it can be a good idea to adopt a different sleeping position for the sake of her health and that of the child. 

Besides embracing the right sleeping position, pregnant women are advised not to take too much alcohol as they wait for their bundle of joy. Excessive consumption of alcohol is likely to affect the unborn child in one way or another.