Most people hang their underwears in the bathroom to dry. In most cases, those briefs do not dry completely. They remain dump for many days and when they are worn again, they pose great dangers to the wearers.It is therefore recommended that you hand your boxer or panty in the sun to dry properly. 

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The rays of the sun contain many different types of radiations. Secondary Physics explains that sun rays contain visible light and infrared radiations. These radiations contain energy capable of killing bacteria present in a wet/dump piece of cloth.

The sunlight does not reach the bathroom well. This makes the clothes hanged in the bathroom not to dry properly. After some days, these clothes will still remain dump. Dump clothes encourage the growth and multiplication of microbes like bacteria fungi. When these dump clothes are worn, the bacteria may easily pass and enter the body through openings like vagina and cause serious bacterial and fungal infections.

An example of a serious disease caused by wearing dump clothing is Candidiasis which affects the cervix, the penis, skin, and the tongue. The symptoms of Candidiasis, according to, include thrush on the tongue, skin rashes, white, vaginal discharge and also penile discharge. Candidiasis is treatable though. But why waste a lot of money on medical expenses while you can just prevent Candidiasis by hanging your panty or boxer in the sun to dry?