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Women, ensure you possess the following to get a serious man for marriage

Marcus Gisore
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Young African man admiring a woman. [Photo/Daily Nation]

Currently, women are seriously yearning to get serious and willing men to marry them. Kindly women, get to know that modern men require certain attributes in women in order for them to marry such women. A study by an online dating company has revealed what men are looking for in their ideal woman:

As a woman, you must be self-employed. Ensure at least you have something you do that enables you to earn a living. The ideal woman should be her own boss. This creates an impression in a man that you are a lady who will propel success to the family.

Do not be fussy; in fact, Fussy eaters are a big no for the men questioned. Most women are always concerned about what they eat or wear. In fact, you find that they are not easily satisfied with what is available, they are over concerned about less important issues such as what to wear, eat and hairstyles. Please beware that men nowadays do not prefer ladies with this fussy character.

Exercise is important; While men say exercise is important, most prefer the females they date to be avid walkers, with trekking coming out the top. Men feel nice when they see their women engage in physical exercises.

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-Marcus Gisore

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