In the run-up to the hotly contested 2017 Kiambu gubernatorial race, Kikuyu morning radio presenter Njogu Wa Njoroge accused businessman-cum-bishop David Ngari of being a 'conman' hellbent on fleecing poor Kenyans their hard-earned cash through his then and still cash-troubled Ekeza Sacco in order to achieve 'selfish gains'.

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However, Ngari who also owns real estate company, Gakuyo, is alleged to have used his financial muscle to buy media space to paint the presenter who had just decamped from Kameme FM to Gukena FM as a bitter loser whose allegations were not to be taken seriously.

"Gakuyo I stood with you and even endorsed you. But the minute uliingia siasa, ukachukua pesa za Ekeza Sacco ukapeleka kule, that's when I parted ways with you. I know your staffers/hirings are out here kunitukana, but you will never change the facts. Ekeza is going down...downnnnn," wrote Njogu on his Facebook page then.

He added: "And this is why this man is all over ranting about Njogu wa Njoroge. The massive withdrawals from Ekeza SACCO have sent a panic to the rogue Bishop. This is because they don't trust a politician with their money. And if you go you are told to wait for 3 months. After 3 months hakuna pesa. But wale wanaitisha na fujo kuna kidogo wanapewa. If you have your money in Ekeza , rush and get your money back! Don't be told to wait for 6 months. And I know what I'm talking about! You will thank me later."

Njogu also accused Gakuyo of selling non-existent land to poor and gullible people through massive media campaigns.

Well, Njogu's 'rantings' may not have been taken seriously then, it seems he has now been vindicated and could now be walking with his head raised high. Won't he?

An official inquiry report by the Trade and Co-operatives Ministry that was released late last week during the Sacco's AGM at Kasarani Stadium echoes the presenter's then allegations affirming that he was not in a parroting spree.

The report shows Ngari transferred Sh1.5 billion from the Sacco's account between 2015 and 2017 to his personal account.

"So we can say the money Gakuyo owes members is about Sh1 billion. This is the money he took illegally and without any approval of the members, and it is the money we want him to pay," Stephen Njoroge, one of the appointed liquidator-receiver, said during the Thursday meeting.