A local chief in Kisii County has revealed a major reason why men are not having sex with their wives.

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Charles Nyantabiga, a chief in Nyamagwa, Sameta Sub County claimed that most men in the area have ventured fully into alcohol consumption.

"Men have abandoned their responsibilities in bed and have opted to consume chang'aa. Men have become poor in bed because of the increased number of people making, selling and distributing illicit brew in the area," he said.

Nyantabiga assured that he is on high alert to ensure the illicit brew business in the area has become a thing of the past.

"For the sake of saving the lives of men I will ensure the illicit brew business comes to and end. Men should stop prioritizing chang'aa consumption than their wives," he stated. 

According to the chief, several married women may end up having another man outside the wedlock which risks contacting STIs and other related infections. 

 "I'm appealing to married men to be responsible in bed so that their wives are not tempted to have other men outside the wedlock. I don't want to see families breaking because of men consuming chang'aa," he added.

In a past event in Kisii, Raila had praised the community for their hard work at night contrary to the chief's sentiments.