After a priest who was chased away by his church faithful has since been roasted by other Catholic faithful on Social media, Pope Francis has spoken and acknowledged that Catholic priests and nuns involve themselves in sexual matters and it has been a problem over time now.

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The priests who was administering the word of God in Riomego Catholic Church, was sent away a after the faithful allegedly claimed that he engages in sex with young girls and people's wives.

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Catholic faithfuls react as priest is caught up in sex scandal

Gusii residents condemned the act on social media, terming it as a shame to the Catholic church community at large. Others challenged the fact that priests should be allowed to get married if they cannot contain their sexual desires.

According to Citizen Tv, the Pope’s comment, which came during a press conference aboard the papal plane on a return flight to Rome from the United Arab Emirates, for the first time he acknowledged that sexual harassment has been a problem they have been dealing with from the past.

"It is a problem we have been working on for some time now. There have been bishops and priests who have been doing it and I believe it may still be being done,” he said.

He also said as disciplinary actions have since been taken against some of those caught in the action with them being suspended and sent away. Some nuns’ powers have been dissolved as a result of indulgence in the same.