The long awaited Easter holiday is just few days away. Many Kenyans will be heading to the country's coastal region for the festivities.

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So far, the Madaraka Express is fully booked up to 19th April 2019. This clearly indicates the county will be packed during the holiday season.

For those heading to the coastal region, here are places you should consider visiting while in Mombasa:

1. Beaches

There are many beaches that are attractive and conducive for visitors. The beaches are either public or private beaches.

Depending on your pocket, here are some of the beaches you can visit.

2. Fort Jesus Museum

Many people only know Fort Jesus from history. This Easter holiday, you can make it a reality by visiting the historical site.

3. Kenya Ferry

Just in case you have never enjoyed a sail on Indian Ocean, then this is the golden chance to visit the Kenya Ferry Service and enjoy the free offer.