As college and university students are set to start their end of semester exams soon, section the students has joined hands with Kenyans to protest against the infamous 'sex for grades' crisis.

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n a series of tweets under the hashtags #SexForGrades and #CampusMeToo, the Twitter users launched an online campaign to pass a message to the society that might bring to an end the vice.

The sex-for-grades was one of the major trending topics on Twitter, Tuesday, with some users opening up on what they go through in the hands of their lecturers in order to get better grades,

Some claimed that they are awarded low grades if they turn down 'sex for grades' offers from their lecturers.

However, others said that some students ignore revising for their exams to wait for such favours from their lecturers.

Sex for better grades is not a new topic in Kenya, and even in African at large. Several concerns have been raised over the same.

Earlier this year, Nairobi-based human rights activist Boniface Mwangi raised the same concern where he claimed that girls were being intentionally failed in their exams for failing to offer their bodies to be used as a sex tool.

"Sexually Transmitted Degrees– the phenomenon where female college and university students are coerced into sex or offer sex in exchange for good grades. Many of those who don’t give in are failed by their randy lecturers," Mwangi had said.

Here are some of the tweets over the same;