Mother of a man who drove into the Indian Ocean on Saturday, Musangi Mutinda, has shed light into the relationship of his son, John Mutinda and his wife, Ruth Mueni. 

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Mrs Mutinda who spoke to the Daily Nation her Kyanika village home in Kitui County on Tuesday noted that his son used to be abused by his wife. 

She noted that not long ago, the wife had burned him with hot water, and he was still recovering from the burns. 

According to the mother, her son could have died from depression as a result of domestic abuse.

“My son died out of depression and despair because of the domestic violence and marital anguish he endured at home. It is therefore wrong for his wife to insinuate he had gone mad,” said Mrs Mutinda as quoted by Daily Nation.The victim was living with his wife in Vanga Estate, Kwale County. 

On Saturday early in the morning, John is said to have woken up early than before, got into his car and drove off to Likoni

At Likoni, he drove straight into the Indian Ocean. 

At the time John's mother was narrating how his son used to be abused, he was holding John's photo in her hands. 

The photo showed how he had been burned on the chest by his wife. 

Mrs Mutinda has now called on the police to do a thorough investigation concerning the domestic abuse on his son, and even charge the wife for the same.