While politicians are known to forget quickly and are said to always remain friends even after the worst of clashes, their forgetting speed is at times questionable and suspicious.

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Such is the Tuesday reconciliation between Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati and Didmus Barasa (Kimilili), only weeks after their clash in Kibra, on the November 7th by-election day.

As much as the politicians are trying to make the situation look simple and the friendship between them intact, this could be very hard to believe for some Kenyans.

It's worth noting that the truce comes after Barasa's complains and calls for the police to arrest Arati, and even called for the intervention of the investigative and prosecution bodies.

"Since the @DCI_Kenya,@DPPS_KE and @IG_NPS have remained mum over the violence meted against me by @SimbaArati and the international slayqueen @Hon_FatumaGedi, this inaction represents a vote of confidence to the goonism by @InteriorKE," he had tweeted.

Therefore, when Arati claims that the lawmaker never took it that serious, as he told the Standard on Tuesday, it becomes suspicious, as he wouldn't have sought the help of the police if that was the case.

Arati was quoted saying that what happened was just politics, but what would have happened if the rowdy youth who manhandled Barasa injured him? Given that they had the opportunity?

"We have been buddies for a long time and he (Didmus) knows that what happened was politics and didn’t take it seriously," he told the Standard on phone.

Barasa also obviously knows that he would have been injured, and wouldn't have forgiven the person who has been accused of commanding the group, at least not that fast.

It can be hard to believe that the situation remained the same after the incident, and it is very possible that the truce was solely aimed at fooling Kenyans that things are well.

It's very possible that the handshake was negotiated to prevent a backlash from Kenyans allied to the two, to avoid small conflicts which could lead to something bigger.

It could also have been an emulation of the Jubilee-ODM truce, reached between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, doesn't mean that the two have forgiven each other, but are together because they have to.