South Mugirango Member of Parliament Sylvanus Osoro has claimed that he is poor.

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The MP while addressing residents of Getembe area in Nyabigena on Thursday noted that he has been sharing with the electorates the money he earns as salary every month. 

"Let not anyone cheat you that I (Osoro) is rich. I am not rich as people think because the little money I earn I have been sharing with the electorates through participating in various fund drives within the constituency," he stated. 

The MP is on record saying that he will never be broke even if he loses his seat in 2022.

This he said is because he has been helping the needy as well as helping in the construction of churches in his constituency

"I wish to confirm that no one including me will run broke by doing the work of God," Sylvanus Osoro said a few months ago.

The youthful lawmaker, however, reiterated that he will continue traversing the constituency to listen to development views from the electorates.

He assured that he will support financially the 50 displaced families who are being housed at Nyasasa primary grounds.

"I will stand with the families displaced due to the heavy rains that caused damage by destroying their homes which were largely built on the hills. I urge residents who are financially stable to join hands with me to support the families start their lives afresh," Sylvanus Osoro noted.