Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) artiste Rayvanny has broken his silence after he was accused of stealing a song from an upcoming artiste from Tanzania.

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Just after the 'Tetema' hitmaker dropped 'Naogopa' on Friday, he found himself on the receiving end after another Tanzanian singer, Riser Stardia, claimed ownership of the same song.

Stardia had released the same song, 'Naogopa', in 2018 and even did its video.

Rayvanny on Sunday said he recorded the song back in 2015 before joining Wasafi Records, but had not officially released the song.

Speaking with Dizzim Online, Rayvanny said he was contemplating taking legal action against Stardia for claiming a song he did not own.

According to Rayvanny, he recorded the song in different versions with different producers and even shared the song with some individuals because he was also trying to emerge as an artiste.

He holds that Stardia might have been one of the people who came across the song.

Rayvanny released the last version which was worked on by WCB producer Lizer Classics.

"The way music is, you go with time, there are moments when I decide to do something I do it, I can tell, at this level I cannot take someone's song and re-do it (Muziki ulivyo unaendanga na time, kuna kipindi mimi nikiona nifanye hiki kitu nafanya, mi nakwambia, sijafika level ya kwenda kuchukia eti kitu cha mtu halafu nikakifanya mimi)," said Rayvanny.

Rayvanny is currently in a complicated love relationship after he recently parted ways with his baby mama,  Fahyma, which might be the reason why he dropped the song 'Naogopa' narrating a bitter love story.