For any government to function well, there should be a strong opposition that keeps the ruling party in check. 

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In Kenya, however, the role of opposition has been left to human rights activists.

Through the much-hyped handshake uniting Jubilee's President Kenyatta and Nasa's Raila Odinga, Kenyans have been left to keep their own government in check. 

This has left the citizenry wondering why the opposition chief had to abandon them in their hour of need.

One thing that has left Kenyans asking why Raila had to 'kill' them is by accepting to accompany Uhuru to China for another loan.

That Kenya has been cautioned by the World Bank against overborrowing should worry the citizens. That funds borrowed in the past have been misappropriated through corruption in the government should send jitters too.

The multi-billion Kimwarer and Arror dam scandals that were widely publicized by the media have just remained issues of the past, no arrests no recoveries, no prosecutions. 

Had Raila not absconded his role as the opposition chief, then 2019 could be the year to put the government on toes.

Furthermore, the Huduma number and the 1.5 per cent compulsory housing tax that has since been suspended by the courts left Kenyans disturbed. Had the country had a vibrant opposition, then the twin Jubilee projects would have been queried before being accorded a green light to implementation.