Photos of a mother and her daughter who died on Sunday evening after their car plunged into the Indian Ocean have emerged online

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An earlier report had identified the deceased as Mariam Kigenda, 35, and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Wambua.

It has emerged that a 2-year-old daughter was also among the victims, making the number of missing victims to three.

Photos of the two family members are going viral on different social media platforms, mostly on WhatsApp groups, with members of the public expressing their heartfelt condolences.

The pictures which are being shared included one Ms Kigenda took together with the deceased daughter and others where she took alone on different occasions including during her graduation. 

Here some photos making rounds on social media;

Mariam Kigenda and her daughter posing for a photo at a past event. [Source/Nevian/WhatsApp]

Mariam Kigenda at a past event. [Source/Kemunto Nelly]

Mariam Kigenda poses for a selfie. [Source/Nevian/WhatsApp]

The two died after their car slid from the rear of MV Harambee which was moving from the Likoni mainland to Mombasa Island.

An eye witness, Mlei Majaliwa who was on the same ferry said he had seen a woman and a boy in the vehicle.

“I saw the woman and a boy inside the car. She had started screaming and calling for help when the car started to reverse. I threw a lifesaver at them," said Majaliwa as quoted by Nation.

Police, on the other hand, said the car had four occupants.