It was yet another scary situation at the Kenya Ferry Service (KFS)'s Likoni Cross Channel when a Kenyatta University bus almost reversed into the ocean.

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The Monday morning incidence happened at the Likoni mainland after the bus had just disembarked from a vessel.

In a viral video being shared on social media by some KU students, the bus had successfully crossed the channel from Mombasa Island to Likoni mainland in one of the vessels.

However, the bus encountered difficulties while climbing the steep ramp immediately after it had stepped out of the ferry. The ramp was also said to be slippery due to the heavy rains being recorded in the coast region.

Fortunately, the bus driver managed to steer the bus to safety.

This is not the first case vehicles are facing difficulties to climb the ramp. Such cases are usually witnessed especially during low tides when the water levels reduce, increasing the steepness of the ramps. Vessels also face difficulties to dock when the water level is low.

In 2017, truck partly plunged into the ocean after it failed to climb the ramp at a required speed.

A recent tragic case witnessed at the same Likoni Channel dates to late September when a car slid from MV Harambee and plunged into the ocean, killing a mother, Mariam Kighenda, 35, and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu.

Here is the short video