The story of Major Peter Mugure who is being held in police custody for allegedly murdering his wife and two children is one which has attracted the attention of many. 

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It is reported that the two had domestic problems which at one point led to the family conducting a DNA test to determine the paternity of their two children.

The relationship between the two, however, seem to have a long history which dates back to when Syombua was a student at St Bernard Secondary School in Kayole. 

According to Syombua's close friend and former school mate Farrizanah Katengu, the two got married immediately Syombua was done with school in 2009.

It is during this period that Syombua got pregnant with her firstborn child, Shanice Maua. After eight months, they had a domestic problem which led to their separation.

“She got pregnant with Shanice but they separated after eight months and Syombua went back to her mother’s house in Kayole,” Farrizanah narrated.

Syombua got pregnant with her second baby Michael Maua several years later. Michael's birth raised problems over the paternity forcing the family to carry out a DNA test and consequently Mugure was ordered by the court to issue maintenance fee for the children.

Mugure was apparently not happy with the court decision. 

According to Syombua's mother, there was an attempt to kill her grandchildren by poisoning a week to the DNA test. The failed attempt worsened the relationship between the Mugure and his wife together with the children.

An attempt by Syombua to reunite her family by taking her two children to visit their father at Laikipia Airbase led to their deaths. 

The bodies of the three were found buried in a shallow grave at Thingithu area.