On November 13, Hivisasa published a story from Kisii county, highlighting a case where wooden electricity poles were almost falling posing a significant risk to residents of Nyagisai in Kitutu Chache. 

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The poles that carry high voltage electricity lines were a disaster in waiting because the area is highly populated. 

Hivisasa Kisii based writer Geoffrey Makori covered the story. The writer heard about the case from one of his sources on the ground.

Makori visited the scene where he managed to interview the affected residents. In the course of the interview, it emerged that the locals had tried to contact the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, but nothing had happened. 

Before publishing the story, Makori reached to KPLC, who denied being aware of the case.

Just one week after the story was published, Kenya Power managed to send a team to the area where an assessment was made. The power supplier later replaced the weak poles with concrete ones. 

According to the regional marketing manager, Mangera Moronge was it for the media; they would not have heard about the case. He called on all Kenyans to report such cases to the emergency teams to avoid any disaster from happening.

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