When machete-wielding gangs are mentioned in Mombasa, most people focus their attention on Kisauni-based gangs, Wakali Wao and Wakali Kwanza.

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In fact, in a recent attack in Bamburi where several people were attacked and seriously injured, Wakali Wao gang was the main suspect.

However, intelligence sources quoted by Daily Nation revealed that it was not Wakali Wao who were behind the Bamburi attack, instead it was Waliotengwa (the segregated), which arranged and carried out the attacks.

There are several criminal gangs in Mombasa, which are all young, armed with crude weapons, ruthless and very dangerous.

Here is the list of these gangs, and their operation areas;

1. Wakali Wao, based in Kisauni. 

As the name suggests, they perceive themselves to be the most dangerous. Another Kisauni-based gang is Wakali Kwanza, the two started as a football team. Waliotengwa gang is also based in Kisauni.

2. Likoni based gangs

There are several gangs in Likoni, each based in different sections of the Likoni slum-like residential area. They include Gaza, Buffalo, Chafu za Down, Gater Family, Kapenguria Six, Young Thugs, Born to Kill, Young Turks, Watalia and Wajukuu wa Bibi, among others, Vijiweni Boys in Mtongwe within Likoni Sub County.

3. Changamwe based gangs

They include Spanish Spatter, Vietnam.

4. Old Town-based gangs

Home Boys, Crazy Boys, Temeke among others.

Others include Mawaiyo based in Majengo, 64 Gang based in Jomvu, Young Mula in Buxton and all-female-gang called Wakware Babies, which is based in Bombolulu, Kisauni constituency.

In Likoni, these gangs sometimes end up fighting amongst themselves, that is, one group goes after another group in a revenge mission, and it is during such missions when they end up attacking innocent residents.