South Africa based Ugandan socialite has revealed that there are so many beautiful women like her but men are no longer interested in beauty.

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Zari has disclosed that men of these days are not looking at the outer looks of a woman, but what she has in her head.

While referring to those who have been saying the Boss Lady has been coming to Kenya to hook up with rich men to finance her expensive lifestyle, she said that if it was all about beauty then many women could be affording to live her life.

Speaking on her recently started series with Ayo TV which was shared on YouTube on 9th August, Zari revealed that men are of late going for men with brains, and not the look.

"Beautiful women are so many, the Zaris, we are so many, but Zaris with brains, we are very few, so beauty cannot get you a man, men are no long after beauty but women with brains.(Wanawake wengi wazuri wapo wengi, kina Zari, tuko wengi, lakini Zari wenye akili, on finger tips I will count for you. Sasa uzuri.....ah ah ah... men are not looking at beautiful women now, tumekua wengi na hatuna faida)," said Zari.

Zari had said that some people were accusing her of sleeping with Kenyan men to earn money.