Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has expressed his fears that Mt Kenya region could struggle in finding a suitable political party ahead of 2022 presidential elections.

On Sundays, Kuria who has already expressed interest in succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta, argued that the region could find it hard to pursue it's interest in the current political environment, adding that working with DP William Ruto is not a viable option.

Dr Ruto has taken his campaigns in the vast Mt Kenya region, a move that has literally given birth to two teams; Tanga Tanga which supports his bid and Team Kieleweke which opposes him.

“We erred when we dissolved our party, The National Alliance because Jubilee Party is an amorphous vehicle where we can’t plan about Mt Kenya through it," the MP said

He added: "There is a likelihood that Raila Odinga will work with DP Ruto. These two people have worked together before. What makes you think that it cannot happen? We need our own party now or we stay in the cold."

Jubilee party is the most hard hit with infighting and the move would even lead to disintegration of the party which gave President Uhuru Kenyatta a second term. It was formed after the merger of TNA and URP.

Lately, Dr Ruto's supporters have been seen wearing yellow T-shirts, a colour associated with Ruto's defunct URP party. The DP has however insisted that he is in the Jubilee party to stay.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed to work with Mr Odinga, a move that has angered DP Ruto. However, Ruto was an important member or Raila's ODM during the hotly contested 2007 elections and even served in cabinet courtesy of Odinga.