The Kisii county government has finally repaired a garbage collection truck that had stalled at the Gusii stadium over a burst tyre. 

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The repair comes barely a month after Hivisasa highlighted the situation that had incapacitated the county's garbage collection capacity. The lory was immobile for over three months.

The lorry, which is among the two purchased by Governor James Ongwae's administration, had been parked, broken along Gusii Stadium perimeter wall, near Nyanchwa.

Despite costing taxpayers millions, the vehicle had been turned into a dumping site by residents using the route.

Speaking to Hivisasa on phone on Friday morning, Kisii town Municipality Director Mengo Ochwang said pressure from residents on social media where the story emerged left them with no option but act immediately.

"I saw the story and was disturbed.I'm happy to report that the lorry has been repaired, It's in good condition. We regret any inconveniences which might have been caused. We assure our residents that this will not happen again in the near future," said Mengo.

Mengo called upon residents to be alert and help them manage garbage by properly dumping it to collection centres where it can easily be accessible by the lorries. 

Kisii is currently struggling with waste management which has affected the fast-growing town. Sewage is among the unsolved disasters which has rendered the long time depended river Nyakomisaro useless.