Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has offered to help a Multimedia University student who was struggling to clear his school fees.

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The student, Cosmas Mutua, last year opened up to Hivisasa, about his painful journey in pursuit of education.

In a post on his Facebook page on Monday, the vocal MP said; "When I heard the story of my comrade Cosmas Mutua who dropped out of Multimedia University because of fees and decided to be a watchman, I knew I had a responsibility to help."

Babu Owino also pointed out that he suffered during his childhood and knows clearly the pain of lack of school fees as is the case with Cosmas Mutua. 

"This is so that our comrade can, in turn, help another when his time comes, that’s why I paid his fees today. Comrades must stand together! God bless the Youth of our Country!" the MP noted in part of his Facebook post

Following the intervention of Babu Owino, the student Cosmas Mutua will now be proceeding to his third year in studying Journalism and Media Studies. 

He shared his life story with Hivisasa last year that has now seen his life change from Grass to Grace.