Controversial gospel artiste, Willy Paul is once again on the firing line this time around, for "touching inappropriately" Tanzanian-based bongo star, Nandy.

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Willy is on the hot seat over some touches he made in their latest trending song 'Hallelujah', and Kenyans online have been talking.

Fellow artiste, Ringtone Apoko was among those who roasted the  'Hallelujah' hitmaker for what he termed as 'disrespecting' Christians.

We had earlier reported on Ringtone calling upon all Christians to go to court and have Willy Paul judged for his acts in the new song which her termed to be 'ungodly'. 

"So Willy Paul today I just want to address you over your song, because I feel that you have disrespected out God. Will Paul, Nandy is not your wife and you are touching her private parts, she twerking at you and you are saying hallelujah, that woman who is not to your wife called Nandy is touching your head seductively, your private parts, touching your behind. Touching everywhere and you’re saying hallelujah," said Ringtone in a post on Instagram.

Ringtone has said youths in Nairobi are planning to sue Willy Paul by the course of this week. He said Friday will be the deadline for their plan to sue the singer.

"Mark my words as the Christian youth in #nairobikenya by Friday we will have sue @willy.paul.msafi for using Hallelujah holy name in a fornication song. Romans 8;31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?💪💪💪" he said.

This move by Ringtone has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans with some questioning the relationship between the two singers. 

Here are some of the reactions: 

dandyboy_artiste_ke said: "We only know about Guardian Angel, Jabidii and Moji Shot Baba as true gospel artists in Kenya not this confused dudes of pozee and Ringtone."

johnteh_ke said: "@ringtoneapoko you taking this too faar..and this shows how idle you are...the so called pozze is making a lot of money through his talent be it he ditched gospel for secular...wewe umekosa kazi ..umeshindwa kuimba.of late no hit music umetoa kuombea masukuma na ugali ukichezea Mungu..making fun of you want kukula jasho ya mwenzako kupitia koti...utamsue afungwe ama???stop being a lazy kisii maana...toa makende caren uingize studio..stop being a jobless man....egento bosa...shaaaame on hakuna penye unaenda"

dennismusya said: "Truth be told. @willy.paul.msafi Song hallelujah doesn't reflect anything Godly. It's just pathetic like all his fans. He's just a disgrace in the Gospel industry 👈🏾"

dokta_dread said: "@ringtoneapoko ni wewe niliona @whiskeyriver_keFriday ama niliona vitu zangu😂"

jessiepaulgabriel said: "@ringtoneapoko kwani ukienda mbinguni utahesabiwa dhambi za @willy.paul.msafi"

abdallah_charles_music_ said: "Nonsense I will not listen to your songs again, I will only listen to guadian angle (sic) is the best gospel artist in Kenya now and Jabidii."

myke_will said: "And on Friday we will have to admit you to Mathare mental hospital before you run mad... Nkt."

Here are more reactions.