Kiwanja residents in Roysambu are now happy after Kenya Power rectified a fault in a transformer in the area.

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This came a few days after Hivisasa highlighted the matter that had seen the area experience power outage for two days.

However, on Wednesday, everything was up and running. 

Kenya Power had on Tuesday confirmed that there was a fault experienced in the region with the promise of rectifying. They kept their promise and power was back by Wednesday.

"Good afternoon, We sustained a fault in the area but are attending to it. Our regrets for the inconvenience" reads a response from the Kenya power on Twitter.

The residents were happy especially the business people who had been greatly affected by the two-day blackout.

Okoth Onywera who owns a barbershop was delighted after going two days without doing any work. He does not have a backup generator.

"I am glad now the power is back. These two days have been a major loss to me, my business totally depends on electricity availability. Since I opened this business here, power has never gone for more than 12 hours, this time around it was 2 days. I will have to work overtime to compensate on days lost now that power is back," Okoth told Hivisasa.

Hellen Nyambura, famously known as 'Mama maziwa' was also happy after some of her milk had gone bad due to lack of refrigeration. She is now happy that her business is back running.

"From the stock I had on Monday, about a quarter got bad due to lack of refrigeration. I had to tell the supplier to reduce the amount he brings because I had to have a small stock that could finish. Am now glad power is back as I can order larger stock," a jovial Hellen said.