Kenyan gospel artiste Willy Paul aka Pozze has opened up on his latest song, 'Hallelujah'.

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Speaking to Presenter Ali, Willy Paul has said his work "as an artiste is to sing".

Like many Kenyans were saying, Willy Paul has said his 'Hallelujah' song is a love song and not a gospel one.

When the presenter wanted him to clarify and classify the song whether it was a gospel or a secular song, he said it was not a gospel song.

"It is not a gospel song, it is a love song, halafu ujue mimi ni artiste, am an artiste, kazi yangu ni kuimba," he said.

Willy Paul was much criticized when he released the song featuring Tanzania's Nandy . One of the key figures that continuously criticized the song was another gospel artiste Ringtone,

Ringtone accused Willy Paul of disrespecting Christians and even threatened to sue the singer. He accused Pozzefor using the word 'hallelujah' wrongly as well as seductively touching a woman who was not his wife.

Ringtone, however, dropped the charges against Willy Paul after he held a consultative meeting with DJ Moo, but warned that he will not think twice to sue the artiste in future if he repeats the same mistake.

"However, I will not shy from taking legal action in future if he plays with the name of God, I dare him to play with God again," read his Instagram post in part.